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Use this affordable marketing alternative for a fraction of the cost you can spend on pay-per-click or other traffic generators. You can be an effective celebrity growing your business without the worry of employing an outsider to promote your business. Writing a book, becoming a published author establishes you as the celebrity and authority in your industry.

Powerful marketing advantages you will enjoy:

1. Live media interviews – a sixty-second commercial on your local station could cost $1,000 or more – that makes a fifteen-minute interview worth a minimum of 15,000 dollars. It is more because you have the time to lay out your entire presentation and it is not perceived as an ad. You are providing the answers the announcer, or show host asks (from the list you provide).

2. Speaking Engagements. Your local Chamber of Commerce, BBB, and other service clubs will invite you to speak at their weekly breakfast meeting. Your book establishes your authority and opens the door to talk to your target audience. Imagine the value of having a group of people brought together in a meeting center you don't have to pay for and a free meal just to promote your business brand or a special offer.

3. A perfect giveaway item to capture leads on your website. One 64-page book I wrote brought in more than a million dollars without selling a single copy. Today it is easier than ever to write and publish your book. The cost is minimal, and the advantages are overwhelming. I can offer you three choices.

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Discover the basics of Buying and Selling a business

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A complete business appraisal prepared by American Hope Success will provide the value of your business utilizing eight industry standard appraisal methods.

Let us do the job for you. We will do it all - Business write-up, Industry write-up, Market analysis, Offering Memorandum and Forward Focus Strategy to provide a viable growth strategy for your buyer.

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